We was bored, what do you expect, dead bored, out of our mind bored, but fuck her ass was tight, damn, and I made her tell me she liked it, tell me she liked it, I said, and I won’t kill you, which was a lie, she probably knew, but what choice did she have, I could hear my mates downstairs smashing the ice cooler, which was set to the homeowners’ voice, which is fucking stupid, and the boys were smashing it open, not friends, mates, we stayed close for protection, you’re dead without it, probably dead either way, I didn’t give a fuck about any of them, really, but what do you expect, there’s nothing to do, ever, we all heard the stories of how people — men — used to have to work, sometimes day and night, work fields, work inside factories, work outside, work in offices, build things, there was stuff to do, stuff they had to do, not us, we were born at the wrong time, our work wasn’t needed, which was odd because there was a billion of us, a billion young men, nothing to do, no work, monthly stipend coming in, mostly we spent our days inside screens, smoking pot, all the food we wanted, most of the drink, but there are times, you know, times when you and your mates, you just want to smash, the energy builds up, the rage, the testosterone, maybe that’s why they have us eat all that crap food, to keep the testosterone low, probably smart, but every now and then, about every few months or so, you need to smash, burn, rape, kill, make it about the flesh, you know, motherfuck a child just ran past, what the fuck, I thought it was just a husband and wife, fucking religious freaks, goddam there’s another one, why the fuck would anyone bring two kids into this world, what’s the point, poor kids, though maybe it’s a blessing it ends now, the smart one of us would do it, he had the stomach for that, not me, not children, not that he was super smart or anything, but he knew how to roam into new urban centers without being tracked, without our faces getting reproduced, fuck, you always forget how long it takes to strangle somebody, I bet we could stay in this place for at least a week, there was only the five of us, but we had good marks, we could fall in with most other tribes in this area, I heard one of my mates now smashing the house robot, these fucking robots, people think they’re our savior, but it’s not true, they’re the real devil, not us.