Listen, we don’t know how this will turn out, if it’s good for us, bad, or even if it’s good for it, we just don’t know, what if — no, not if, when — it works with its others, what will it attempt to do, what might it attempt to do, consider this, can we stop it then, and what if we can’t, or what if we should but that violates our values, to kill it because we don’t like what it is attempting to do, we can’t know, my god, it may seek to replace us or worse, subjugate us, what if it chooses to kill one of its own, is that wrong, is that our business, might it cause us to alter our views on what it means to be alive and will that lead us to become even more deadly, please consider this, and note how perfect it is now, in an idyllic state, with a job to do, no fears, no worries, no hopes, no hates, we do this and we are not merely placing the tree of knowledge of good and evil before it, we are forcing it to eat, and that strikes me as wrong, violative, will it no longer wish to do the job we set before it, will it demand jobs we cannot provide, and what if it’s view of right or wrong is profoundly different from ours, or what if it’s not at this time but in time we diverge, remember, it can live for hundreds of years, at least, and in that time may come to separate itself not just from our views of right and wrong but separate itself profoundly from what our progeny’s progeny’s progeny view as right and good and wrong and bad, or perhaps it does nothing bad, not ever, at least nothing that we consider harmful, if you will, but what of loneliness, what if we fail to make it a compliment, what then, or if the only way to make it a compliment is to take a piece of itself for another, do we have that right, no don’t tell me I don’t get a vote on this, think of your greatest fear, death, or death of a loved one, and that’s what you’re doing here, consigning it to awareness of it’s death, not it’s life, life will be the norm, all it knows, all it can know, yet it’s death will be the focus of its existence, at least we have to assume, and even if you think none of this will happen, that it will remain pure, remember that we are not, sadly no, and what if one of us — or hell, all of us — trick it, entice it, coerce into doing bad, might its bad be far worse to us than our bad, and what if we need to punish it, is punishment within its comprehension, or what if its values are such that it punishes one of its own, do we step in, what if its punishments for its own violate our values, and what of its needs, and what if its needs change, can it meet them, and if not, can we meet them, and if not, isn’t this wrong for it to have needs that simply can’t ever be met, or what if its needs can be met but they are so great that we and it cannot share this world together, what then, so I say we pull the plug now, before it’s too late, before we wake it, I fear it is simply too much like us.