A surrounding crescendo of glorious noise and dark joy. You know you don’t belong here, you don’t care.

Capitalism is a fierce, never-tiring always-learning meta-system which quickly discovered that money could be made in selling food and leisure and joy and comfort and kept getting better at this, and better and better, and better, to where it seems as if there’s a affordable, available, accessible addiction-compulsion-desire-need for each of us, all of the time, no matter where we turn, no matter who we are with, there it is, and there, and there, no escape, but why escape when it feels tastes hurts so good?

“Yes, I got a black magic woman, got me so blind I can’t see.”

The cool rhythmic Latin brilliance of Carlos Santana, fused with the great streams of American music, rock guitar and jazz, so wonderful, so complete that nobody even remembers this was originally sung by Fleetwood Mac.

Be careful. As INXS warned, every single one of us, the devil inside.


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