“Every single one of us, the devil inside.”

Michael Hutchence was showy and sexual, the popular lead singer of the popular Australian band INXS. Hutchence died of his own hand, and much too young.

If the devil inside you, cast it out.


Then starve it to death, no food, no oxygen, give it no fuel to live on, no means to survive inside you.

It’s still there?

That’s your reminder to keep doing good.

“Future uncertain but certainly slight. Look at the faces, listen to the bells. It’s hard to believe we need a place called hell.”

We can’t know why Hutchence killed himself. Fame, fortune, and a broken family no doubt all played a part, but life is so precious, so exceedingly rare that violating its glory, casting aside this almost infinitesimal gift seems to most of us unconscionable.

Let’s take pity over anger.

The sky above won’t fall down.


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