As godly powers spread, God becomes more necessary. The spirit will out, the cruft and countless allure of everything available to the flesh, and in today’s world there is so much available, will never complete you.

Velvet Underground explored drug abuse, sadomasochism, hate, noise, the abrasions of the world. They were one of the best rock bands of the 1960s, easy, and their music and fierce exploration of pop form resonated for decades after their demise, probably even still. But for all their cacophonous wandering, all their rage, all their art, musicianship, indulgence, desire, they remained temporal, rarely fulfilled, unfinished.

In their self-titled album, Velvet Underground came as close as they ever would to shutting off the noise of the world and the noise of their own making. Lou Reed lowered his voice, Doug Yule quieted his guitar, and the band calmed their many creative impulses and prayed.

“Jesus, help me find my proper place. Help me in my weakness, cause I’m falling out of grace. Jesus. Jesus.”


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