It’s true. There’s something so joyful, indulgent, and deeply personal when you like a thing you know you have no business liking.

“You’re growing up so fast and mama’s worrying that you won’t last. To say let’s play, Sister Christian. There’s so much in life. Don’t you give it up before your time is due.”

Sister Christian is the tale of a high school girl on the cusp of graduation, adulthood, womanhood, ready to fly, leave home, and maybe never again be so happy. She’s bored and she’s ready. Night Ranger captured the glorious-fleeting moment of the last days of childhood, a moment we never forget because our now self knows how little it mattered even as our then self was certain it meant everything, and both are true, which makes it worthy of top space in our soul for as long as we can hold it there.

Also, that hair! Grown men with hair made up like that, long and curled and sprayed and kept, tactile playthings for the mind of someone bursting with hormones. Glorious.


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