President Trump is a dealmaker, not that it matters. Because the problem facing America is not the political, cultural and economic polarization rending our faith in country and fellow citizen, and thus requiring a brilliant dealmaker to bring together, rather, it’s that this polarization coupled with the massiveness of America, its massive past, its massive debt, its outsized role in the world, has us locked in place. Locked and loaded and the only way to move forward is by breaking things.

Healthcare. Trade agreements. Political parties. The Middle East.

Is this also why so many Americans are broken?

A New York Times editorial states: “I will teach my boys to have profound doubts that friendship with white people is possible.”

Parental choice, fair enough, but as whites are and will be the majority, at the very least the plurality of people in this country, and with a rapidly decreasing black population, the editorial writer seems intent upon radically limiting his children’s potential.

Divide, divide, the broken divide. Politics before even children.


Ironically, he is not alone. The only way to take back or ever possess power, our cultural leaders tell us, is to divide, and then choose up sides, choose sides over literally everything and between everyone.

A convoluted editorial in Buzzfeed demands pop star Taylor Swift choose sides for its pet cause, while simultaneously demanding that its readers take sides against Ms Swift.

Move over a little from there and you’ll find Swift’s image itself — willowy, blonde, and aggressively white. Perhaps, in an awkward corner close by, are the white supremacist fans who’ve claimed her as a figurehead. In any blank space, you’ll find her political silence and her idiosyncratic ways of communicating with the public. Somewhere scattered among all this is her actual music — as genre-torn as ever, but permanently catchy. Altogether, you’ve got a map without roads, the landscape to how we view a public figure who is alternately aggravating and illuminating.

Garbage words, garbage thoughts, a muddled mind lashing out, seeking power through division.

Yes, our media is presently focused on dividing The Other against The White, there’s money and clicks in it, and this is especially so where the white is male and straight and absolutely demanded where the white is male and straight and potentially of Christian faith. These calls never end with attacks upon just one group. That we know for sure.

But we — those decents among us — don’t want to divide, don’t want to nourish ourselves on outrage, don’t want to stay broken.

This seems, at present, not possible.

And that is why we turn inward first.

To reconnect with our dreams, recall what is most matterful, remind ourselves why we are alive, and relight our spirit.

It’s not religion, not yet, not even faith, not really, rather this is the releasing of ourselves from the incessant external now so that we may instead rub our mind and soul together, seeking a spark, the spark that will then move us forward.

The world is amazing and big and magical but needs finishing.

We are deploying exoskeletons to make us stronger, electronics to extend our reach, pharmaceuticals to heal our wounds, strengthen our flesh, but we know that’s not enough, it’s certainly not all. We may be yet unwilling to admit our spirit is eternal, but we do know that it is timeless, always with us, even after we’ve tried to shut it down, locked it way, ignored its calling, but the more we break, the more we need it.

Everything is wrong, it’s all not working, breaking seems the only option. I get it. But in truth, it’s fixing, fixing is our future, righting this world, usurping our technology, demanding it work for us not against us.

Technology, long viewed as our savior, is stripping us from our most basic. Just consider the numerous sex scandals of late, where there’s no actual sex, just a series of kinks and perversions and self-flagellation, humiliation, because even sex has been deconstructed, soiled, split from love, torn from wholeness, goodness, stripped from our spirit, the very idea of sexual intimacy between a couple, no tools, no cameras, no accessories, no lies, this no longer even is depicted in our culture so alien it has become.

Everything’s broken. You’re broken.

You’re also fixable.

Just like the world.

Hibernate, emerge stronger. Transcend, become better.