“The rhythm has my soul.”

But what has your soul?

Screens everywhere, data pervasive, alerts never stopping, notifications never ceasing, no moment of darkness, no moment of silence, contemplation under threat, acceptance not tolerated, log in, choose a side, don’t quit, no escape, speak, touch, write, flash and do not feel, but your spirit demands release, the soul will out and there, at last, you give yourself to the vibrations of the universe, vibrations flowing below you, above you, inside you, always.

Peter Gabriel gave his soul to The Rhythm of the Heat, a primal, powerful anthem of the inner self, unleashed. It continues to reverberate.

“Drawn into the circle that dances round the fire. We spit into out hands and breathe across the palms, raising them up high, held open to the sun. Self-conscious, uncertain, I’m showered with the dust, the spirit enters into me and I submit to trust.”

What can you not turn off?

Turn that off.


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