The thing about God is, and I’m aware most of you don’t believe, but if you do believe you accept that God is everywhere, which means you can always find God, reach out to God, hear God.

Dance to God.

REM was mucking about in the studio, working on 7 Chinese Brothers, that rare REM tune built atop a strong beat as much as the jingle jangle of Peter Buck’s clever guitar work, when Michael Stipe discovered the omnipresence of God in our lives. In his case, right there in the liner notes of a most endearing local gospel album.

“Let your light so shine could not be more aptly applied.”


REM’s earlier, funner stuff was so great.

But I have to wonder why there are now almost no bands exploring and celebrating — and rocking to — the greatness and godliness and joyfulness and community of the American south. That died when REM became serious and political, moved north and west. Our loss.

Luckily, resurrection is possible.


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