Those voices, that harmony, their melodic hooks, if it weren’t for ridiculous lyrics, you’d swear the Bee Gees really were from heaven.

But close enough, certainly.

“Nobody gets too much heaven no more. It’s much harder to come by. I’m waiting in line.”

The three brothers crafted such glorious pop songs, layer upon layer, falsetto atop falsetto, that we must forgive them their many lyrical failures. Maybe they simply didn’t care, their music was never about the words but the feels, and my God, did the Bee Gees know how to use music and song to make us feel, to feel alive, in love, rejected, unwanted, found.

How was there ever a time when the culture dismissed the greatness of these near-pop gods?

“Nobody gets too much love anymore. It’s as high as a mountain and harder to climb.”

Yes, nonsense. But listen!

Listen and you feel closer to heaven.


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