“Ignorance and hate may mourn the dead.”

Music may be more popular than Jesus.

But certainly no music act has ever been more popular than The Beatles.

Imagine if the Backstreet Boys, say, or Katy Perry, at the height of their popularity, when their songs were the toppermost of the poppermost, imagine if they said that very moment, thanks, world, it’s been good, maybe even great, but this is no longer how we wish to live and this living no longer reflects what we wish to create, nor how, and we believe there is more and different for us to make and explore, so we’re leaving, maybe for good, but should you wish it, you are welcome to access our new works whenever we get around to finishing them.

And then the Backstreet Boys, say, or Katy Perry went and made song after song, album after album that was unquestionably among the greatest works in pop music history.

The Beatles did exactly this.

“Is it shining?”

It is shining.

The Beatles exploration of mind and music, of pop song form and lyrical insight, cultural connectivity, idle playfulness and spiritual longing, which they combined with their abiding need to make the most of what they’d been blessed with resulted in an aural kaleidoscope that — and we are still attempting to divine the repercussions of this — took everything they had and incorporated everything that was and remade it all, spinning the world off into an entirely new direction and — this is critical — liberating us to realize that such remaking, such spinning off, was possible, and not just by the Beatles but by us other humans.

What next is entirely up to each of us.

“Of the beginning

Of the beginning

Of the beginning

Of the beginning

Of the beginning

Of the beginning

Of the beginning

Of the beginning”


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