“Fire it and the flesh be damned.
Fire it up, fire it up, fire it up.
Yeah, that’s the ticket now kick out the jams.”

F- the future! Screw the past! Embrace the present!

Or as three generations ago so aptly stated: “sha la la la la la live for today.”

Young, free. This moment, fully alive. The now, nothing else.

Clutch is like that, best lived live, in the present. The full power of their music can only be felt here, now, the band loud and thrashing, you surrounded by others, some known, most strangers. Its full truth fails when formed in digital.

This limits scalability, a primal concern in a world of credit and commerce, but heightens intimacy, and in a world where everything is available always, anytime, and in abundance, which is this world, this present, than maybe the non-scalable, the intimate, the gone very soon, the communal, all ratchet up in value.

“Damn tomorrow, future now!
Throw the switches, prime the charge.
Yesterday’s for mice and gods.”

Yesterday’s for mice and gods. Clever words, signifying nothing, a lyrical placeholder for the sound and fury of being there.


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