Katy Perry is a woman. Is Selena Gomez?

She looks 17 — to me. But, fair enough, she’s an adult, a sexual being. I’m no prude, nor she, it seems.

But I hate this.

It sounds like a child, a young child — talking about needing to, hoping to engage in illicit sex.

A sickness in our society, this overt, gleeful and incessant demand to sexualize children.

Don’t feed it, don’t support it, do what you can to destroy it.

“Preacher man walked into the club and he said he said
Hey girl can’t you walk and not stray
Father I’m torn and I’m selling my soul to the
Rhythm, the beat and the bass cause I cant
Confess my rock and roll ways
Cause I’m so possessed with the music
The music he plays

I cant stop my feet from dancin to the sound of his drum
Oh no I fell in love with my rock god
I cant keep my hips from swayin’ to his sweet melody
You see I fell in love my rock rock god”

The deliberate juxtaposition of the sexualized lyrics and the child-like voice — in a song marketed to children, sanctioned by adults, played on repeat — invites God’s wrath.

Here’s Katy Perry’s version. Be warned, both suck.


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