We are bombarded with advice for extending our life but they never tell us what’s the gain and what’s the cost — in effort versus dollars. This is my attempt. The information below is based on my personal research and judgment. It’s purely a public service. The table is updated regularly.

Stop smoking9 yearsVERY HARD$0The life extension and life improvement benefits of stopping smoking are well documented and conclusive. Try again!
Pray or meditate daily1 yearsEASY$0Find your place in this world, at this moment.
Lift weights3 yearsHARD$300Lift weights, build your muscles, increase your metabolism, feel better, boost your testosterone.
In-home high sensitivity C-Reactive protein test3 yearsEASY$100Improve your awareness of the inflammation in your blood. Now improve your heart health and reduce your risk of stroke.
Walk (30-60 minutes per day)4 yearsEASY$0You are meant to move your entire body throughout the day. Use an alert app if you require being reminded to do the natural thing.
Monitor Your Blood Pressure5 yearsMODERATE$25It's very easy and affordable to monitor your blood pressure at home. Harder to alter your diet and daily routines, but do so if your BP is too high. And talk to your doctor about this. It's very important.
Intermittent Fasting3 yearsHARD$0If medically cleared, absolutely consider intermittent fasting, perhaps eating only from 12pm-8pm, or going one day a week without any food.
Track Your Heart1 yearsEASY$150Using an affordable, unobtrusive device that tracks my heart rate, steps, and movement keeps me motivated.
Stop sitting1 yearsMODERATE$5Get an app for your computer, like Time Out, that visibly reminds you to leave your computer, stand up and move every hour or so.
Prioritize sleeping7 yearsMODERATE$0Evidence continues to mount that regular sleep adds years to your life and even protects against such ailments as Alzheimers.

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