“Mother Mary comes to me. Speaking words of wisdom.”

When I think of Apple today, I think of The Beatles, at their end.

The greatness will not ever return.

That giddy whirlwind time of joy and youth and discovery and creative burst after creative burst after revolutionary creative burst will never ever again return.

“Let It Be” is so close to right, so near great — but falters. The Beatles were breaking apart, the mission no longer pure, the fun no longer there, the togetherness no longer wanted, the very elements that led them to create the greatest body of work in pop music history now stifled them individually.

The skill remains, the talent is evident, but they are no longer moving forward, they are the past, it’s over. But, oh, such a glorious time, so many memories, so much to remember them with.

“Let it be.”

I have been testing Apple Maps and Siri and iOS and that Mac Touchbar and two things have become abundantly clear: Apple users have no taste and too much money.

It gets worse.

Apple products appear to be regressing.

Mac, Maps, Siri, iOS, even the in-store experience. Perhaps, ironically, only Apple Watch seems to be getting better.

Is that why Steve Jobs, unlike Tim Cook, focused the company almost entirely upon one product at a time? Today’s Apple seems not at all focused on any product, rather on tax laws, deals with Hollywood, and pressing open door policies regarding bathroom usage.

But this isn’t about Apple, not really.

Rather, about those who thrived during this brief blip in time when great piles of cash could be made by promoting Big Brand online.

The Apple cheerleader bloggers are a wretched lot. The sycophancy, the corporate cheerleading, the deception and denials.

It gets worse.

Because they quickly learned that the bulk of their money came not just from cheerleading but from dividing.

Apple is special! Use Apple! That makes you special! Those people over there. They don’t use Apple. They’re not special! Let’s all hang out over here in our special place and be special together! And make fun of those not here, not special!

Sinful waste.

We are bearing down on the third decade of the 21st century and there are people so small.

And with all our powers.

It gets worse.

These sycophant, well-reimbursed cheerleaders insisted that Apple was not slowing down our old devices.

But we knew.

And now everyone knows.

Which these sycophant, well-reimbursed small souls now insist isn’t a problem. Not really.

Because you should instead get a shiny new device!

Buy a new iPhone! New iPhone is awesome!

I mean, darling, honestly, nobody’s going to replace their old battery in their old iPhone while these awesome new iPhones are beckoning! Discard, re-buy, repeat. That’s the iPhone way!

Apple is slowing down our old iPhones.


Fair enough. But here’s what we also know. We know the cheerleader bloggers aren’t about the “user” or the “experience” or “the details” or “Steve” but instead about using us to make money. Money from our clicks, money from suckering us into high-priced, high-margin sponsorship buys.

Wait. You don’t really buy products from those sponsors, do you?

Damn, son.

This latest Apple fail, slowing down our battery, not promoting the option of replacing our old battery — though $79 for a new battery is way less than $799 for a new iPhone — was not met with outrage by the bloggers who insist they are all about the details and the experience and their readers yada yada. Rather, they insisted that you didn’t want to go the battery replacement route and — heavens, no! — you can’t fault Apple for this, because Apple were doing right by the user — in ways which remain inexplicable — and if somehow you can fault Apple, though how could you, it’s only for the meager minor failing of not fully “communicating” the “trade-offs” of this issue to Apple’s billion or so users.

Sheep and coddled sheep.

I think of Peter.

A disciple of Christ, Peter assured the Lord he would not ever disavow him. Jesus, however, rightly informed Peter that he would do exactly that, and at least three time in under 24 hours.

Jesus answered, “This very night, before the rooster crows, you will disown me three times.”

But Peter declared, “Even if I have to die with you, I will never disown you.” And all the other disciples said the same.

When forced to choose between what’s right by you or what’s right by serving Apple, you know exactly what choice the cheerleader Apple bloggers will make.

Now we arrive at what this post is actually about: you.

Why do you still read them?

Why do you still follow them?

Why do you believe they know what’s best — or, rather, are willing to tell you what’s best — when you know they make money by promoting Big Corporate?

What makes you afraid of speaking out?

Living on Island Team Apple will not save you, nor better you.

That is the truth.

Apple is a corporation which makes profit by selling products and services around the world. Nothing more.

Nothing more.

But more must matter to you — else your life has lesser meaning.

It’s the start of a new year. Liberate your self. Then we build.


My best to you

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