“Fame will not change him much he won’t be out of touch.”

I was using Apple back when the company was nearly dead.

I was promoting Apple before your child had their first iPod.

That was a long time ago.

I can’t shake the thought that one of the great companies made in America, that makes possibly the best smartphone in the world, is evil.

And so must be stopped.

Think of Apple’s business model: to put a screen always in front of you.

Out for a run? Apple Watch!

Seated at your desk? Mac!

Standing in a line? iPhone!

Seated in your favorite chair? iPad!

Ready for some much-needed downtime? Apple TV!

Placing a screen in front of our eyes at all times in all places has helped make Apple the world’s richest corporation.

But is what’s enriching Apple diminishing our children?

I am beginning to believe the answer is — an emphatic yes.

It gets worse.

Apple appears to be aggressively promoting a core value of consumption.

And this is wrong.

New year? New iPhone!

Buy a new iPhone!

Buy a new Mac! With TouchBar!

Buy a newer bigger thinner larger smaller iPad! This year! And next! And next!

Look! A new Apple Watch! Buy!

With new bands! BUY!


Our life must be more than consumption.




We need to teach our children better.

It gets worse.

Apple is the richest corporation in the world. I believe it has more cash than any corporation in the world.

Yet it outsources manufacturing of the world’s most profitable product, iPhone, to China.

China requires America’s great companies hand over their technology and braintrust.

It gets worse.

China actively surveils its own citizens, polices online behavior, and has outlawed anonymity on the web, along with sites and services that do not comply with its rules.

Even if we escape the harms of this, we have to assume it will limit our children’s future.

Oh, and does anyone believe Apple Inc is paying its fair share of taxes? Money that could go to improving our schools, our roads, our healthcare?

Am I wrong about any of this?

What do you do when the corporation you most believe in, most want to believe in, believed in most of your life, utterly betrays you?

Leave them behind.

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