This is Leeza. She is 8 years old. She has inoperable brain cancer. Leeza’s only wish is that you pray for her and her family.


God bless, Leeza!

I’m saying a prayer for you and your family right now, Leeza. God bless you, child!

Who did Leeza’s parents vote for?

What does that matter?

Healthcare for all is what matters!

She still wouldn’t survive!

How many more children must die before we get universal healthcare coverage?


There is no God. Praying is stupid.

Oh great white man in the sky please let this child live forever.


You people are sick. She’s a child.

Time to learn.

We will say a prayer!

Why is this in my timeline?

Can you explain more about Leeza’s condition?

Leeza is a stupid name.

This just breaks my heart. No child should have to go through this.

A pic or it didn’t happen.

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