“And in my hour of darkness, she is standing right in front of me.”

What if we’re glowing and don’t know it? Able to cut through the darkest?

Do we need special lenses to spot who is glowing? Or is it all of us?

You’re angry because you want to believe.

You’re bitter because you believe the world has never been more powerful, humans never more capable, yet you accept being trapped, with no way out, no way in, no way up.

But you have all the powers you need, all the tools required always at your beck and call.

What if Mozart was born before the clavier — before the piano, the harpsichord, there was nothing available capable of revealing his greatest gifts?

That is not your world.

Think of the Beatles. They played before tens of thousands of adoring fans, but the equipment of their day was unable to unleash the full power and glory and sound. The glowing did not require this.

The Beatles did not need to wait until the right tools became available to them. They went into the studio and instead crafted magic for the ages.

I know. You’re broke. In debt. With few prospects. You can’t afford a house, can’t afford children, have no chance of ever having what all those before you now happily posses.

My god, what an opportunity!

The emotional stigmata which you think limits you, in fact, reveals your freedom. You are connected to everyone and soon to everything, and no one, not even presidents nor billionaires have ever possessed this.

How will you reach all?

The Beatles were the greatest artist collective of the 20th century, no contest. The Beatles were the here-now, so profoundly different than, say Bob Dylan, who was very much the now-there. But still you think — and today’s technologies support this enticing deception — that you can be both now and there. This is false. You are — at your most, your best, your all — now, here.

You and all you connect with have the chance — and this has never before existed in human history — to hack everything. Hack the brain, the spirit, your flesh. Hack community, hack economy, hack the global jam.

This is not your hour of darkness.

Are you glowing?

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