I come from your past to save their future. My work as a journalist examines how the spread of computing into every device and across every human interaction changes everything and everyone forever. I have written for Macworld, Toms Guide, GigaOm, Forbes, and others.

A few popular pieces:

I know. Thank you. I also write fiction.

Yes, I know. Again, thank you. But this site has an explicit purpose: to right guide the future of humannness in these final days of everything.

Our understanding of and commitment to work, wealth, ownership, possession, health, learning, serving, believing and perceiving is crumbling, and all will be transfigured, soon, radically extended or extinguished by new forms of connectivity and cohabitation with machines, bots, and things. Making us unlike now, completely unlike all before. And the world no longer recognizable.

There is a right path forward. I will guide you. And for those that ask, yes, I am aware that Moses did not make it into the promised land.