It started with Windows 95.¬†We are now in Year 22 of a 40-year (not 40 day) planet altering, life repurposing, technology infused deluge. A great flood of robotics, artificial intelligences, bio-coding, pharma-induced healing, the digitalization of perception, the merging of daily life into screens, sparring abundances, competing algorithms, and the connecting of all people to all things will transform all life and living on this planet. Amazing. But not all will survive the deluge, and we can’t take everything into the future. My mission is to save as many as possible — while keeping the very best of our humanity. Your support makes this possible. I wish I did not have to ask. But I don’t cheerlead, for no product or corporation. I refuse to promote consumption. I choose words over images. I dislike groupthink. Values matter. All these mean that advertisers and sponsors will always shy away. All amounts are warmly appreciated. You can give anonymously, though I would prefer to know you.