“I traveled to the south. The ancient rabbi appeared to me, voice heavy with the sands of time. He made me see. Same as Kabalah Dave but for you it’s free. God guides us on our journey but careful with those feet.”

Odds and ends at the work week’s completion.

Facebook is threatening to have its users determine the veracity of the news sources they read, which is the absolute worst possible method except for literally any other method.

In America, black and brown commit radically disproportionate more violent crime than white, which everyone knows, but almost no one is comfortable thinking about, and certainly not discussing. The inerrant outcome of this, having the data but not liking it or what it might mean, likewise shows up in our algorithms.

More than a half-century ago, the science fiction writer Philip K. Dick imagined a world in which a “precrime” agency made that possible. Today, a handful of tools promise to help nudge society in that direction.

But a new study out this week suggests that at least one such forecasting algorithm, used in some American courts, is no better than untrained humans.

Star Wars The Last Jedi did a disservice to women. The men were always taking action. The women were always there to say no, not yet, maybe later. Ugh. Even if the women were right, they were no fun — and in movies, action and fun is everything.

As I predicted long ago, wealthy, established Silicon Valley giants are calcifying America’s innovative, highly disruptive ecology — likely deliberately — with their insistence on incorporating non-relevant factors such as “diversity” across the industry.

Nothing great was ever built because of diversity. Not our Constitution, not the iPhone, not aspirin, not television, not the Internet, not any great book you’ve ever read, not any great painting you’ve ever witnessed.

In California, the blogosphere has been full of chatter about the inequity of life. Some of this, especially for women, is true and for certain individuals their day of reckoning has been long overdue. But many of the soul-sapping discussions seem like unwarranted distractions. In recent months, there have been complaints about the political sensibilities of speakers invited to address a corporate audience; debates over the appropriate length of paternity leave or work-life balances; and grumbling about the need for a space for musical jam sessions. These seem like the concerns of a society that is becoming unhinged.

These topics are absent in China’s technology companies, where the pace of work is furious.

Hollywood is stupid.

From HBO comes a teaser trailer for an upcoming adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, a film that went in today production a year before the 2016 election–that is, before things in America took a turn for the worse and the weird.

Fahrenheit 451 is one of the most wrong science fiction works ever that is still taken serious. Books banned? Made unavailable? Stupid. For $50 or less, anyone can have a magical tablet which can download and store and make instantly available literally thousands upon thousands of great books, most free, thousands more available for under a dollar.

But small minds take comfort in false truths.

They hope to make you believe they are beacons of truth, honor, ready to fight, to sacrifice, against all bad — but only when the bad is make believe and there is zero real pain from the struggle. Weak.

I believe the Trump economic pillars—slash regs, cut taxes, fair trade deals, secure borders, and promote individual entrepreneurship—will initiate massive sustained economic growth over the next 5-10 years, at least. Invest now. In yourself. In America.

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