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Siri, play the Beatles.

OK, Google, turn up the heat.

Alexa, turn the lights on in the house.

We speak and our world changes.

This should be no surprise. From Luke: “for his word was with power.”

Our voice now commands the connected machines but soon, all machines will be connected, and all the machines will be everywhere, in our homes, our walls, the roads, buildings, in our schools, inside our bodies.

What then?

“And the devil said unto him, If thou be the Son of God, command this stone that it be made bread. And Jesus answered him, saying, It is written, That man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God.”

Word is power.

Even a mere generation ago you could not believe such a thing. Now there is no way to disbelieve.

“And in the synagogue there was a man, which had a spirit of an unclean devil, and cried out with a loud voice, Saying, Let us alone; what have we to do with thee, thou Jesus of Nazareth? art thou come to destroy us? I know thee who thou art; the Holy One of God. And Jesus rebuked him, saying, Hold thy peace, and come out of him. And when the devil had thrown him in the midst, he came out of him, and hurt him not. And they were all amazed, and spake among themselves, saying, What a word is this!”

What a word is this!

Of course what we say — our words, our commands — will soon clean, cut, open, lock, heal, eradicate.

Speak, and the nanomachines inside us kill the cancer cell forming.

Already, there is progress on using computing and ‘smart pills’ to administer medicine, healing — and, yes, death — to an exact location in the body.

New Microchip Technology Could Be Used to Track Smart Pills

Caltech researchers have developed microscale devices that relay their location in the body

Speak — “heal that limb” — and the medicine machine obeys. And, yes, speak out loud to the machine pills inside you to feel joy or perhaps wretched sorrow.

“And he stood over her, and rebuked the fever; and it left her: and immediately she arose and ministered unto them.”

These are the days of miracle and wonder.


“First paralyzed human regains his upper body movement after being treated with stem cells.”

“Scientists at the French National Center for Scientific Research have used nerve stimulation to induce signs of consciousness in a man who has been in a vegetative state almost half his life.”

“And they were all amazed, and they glorified God, and were filled with fear, saying, We have seen strange things to day.”

Strange days, indeed.


In the beginning was Windows 95. We are now in Year 23 of a 40-year (not 40 day) planet altering, life repurposing, technology infused deluge. A great flood of robotics, artificial intelligences, bio-coding, pharma-induced healing, the digitalization of perception, the merging of daily life into screens, sparring abundances, competing algorithms, and the connecting of all people to all things will transform all life and living on this planet.

The flood comes in 2035, that’s when the past will no longer be readable and the future becomes fully writable.

Here are the global meta-trends that will shape the start of the new of everything, the final years of the self, the brief period before all become part of the machine or jettisoned from all that comes next.


The past is rapidly becoming more unknowable than the future. We are like Adam and Eve, more aware of what’s to come than what’s come before us. This new reality will lead to a transformative break in human values. It will also create a permanent wandering class.

No home, new modes of work, play, crafting, interaction, and the connection of all places and things to all people will lead millions, maybe billions, to forever wander the land, seeking friendships, seeking answers, a willful freeing of their mind and liberation from place forever altering our culture. Hop inside the (autonomous) bus and drive! And sleep and eat and play and learn and share.

Caution: We have constructed economy and government based on the self, which is vanishing, and the local, which is being made irrelevant.


Atheists are on the wrong side of history. Just as we outsourced our labor to the machines, now we are outsourcing our thinking, our calculating, our rational tasks. As a consequence, we are becoming more spiritual, more creative, and yes, more irrational, free to nurture and unleash all our thoughts, impulses, desires, fears, hopes, aggressions.

Belief in magic, religion, in spirituality and God will accelerate and deepen because of, not despite of, the rise of big data, machines, robotics, electronics, computing and artificial intelligences. We become what our machines cannot. We do what can’t be outsourced. Faith is our future. Spirituality is our expression.


Everything we make from this moment forward will be aware, sensing, responsive — alive. How are ((humans)) differently alive?

Answering this — legally, culturally, politically — will tear apart everyone and from everything.

There’s more. With everyone and everything connected, in real-time, and always, and with the spread of bionics, nano-machines, processors, the very notion of ‘self’ will be transformed. You are never you, forever.


Hacking mortality will become the biggest industry of this century. We will not live forever but those that come next will live for probably decades longer than us. Great for them, less so for much of what we’ve constructed. All the systems, institutions, wealth, rules and culture which now exist, all of which are dependent upon most of the world dying by or before age 75, will themselves die off. The notion of economy, jobs, and savings will be a distant memory, poorly understood.

Caution: many of the radical life extension efforts will prove deeply repugnant. Prepare to fight them. They are unholy.


What becomes of commerce — and power — when we all have as much as we need and are each only a screen swipe away from the leaders of nations and the guardians of conglomerates?

What is your standing? Your source of power? Your desires when everything is within reach?

Remember the “science fiction” story of the little girl who accidentally gets hold of one of the world’s two tablets, tablets which contain the world’s knowledge? In reality, tablets are already available to over a billion people — with the price dropping steadily.


Soon, everything will be free. Literally, everything that matters will be free and freely available. Food, healthcare, entertainment, transportation, energy, gadgetry, connectivity, you, me, our creativity, passions, darkest thoughts, where we lay our head.

You will pay for things, but not with money, often not with work, not as we perceive the notion.

And when no money needs to exchange hands, ever, because the price — of everything — is effectively zero and trading our expertise, our attention, our companionship, right down to the millisecond is all that’s needed, every existing locus of power is obliterated. Where will power come from? What of your self worth?


God bless the child who’s got it all.

Even the really fat ones.

Know this: We are fat, obese, and sedentary not because of cars or technology or industrialization or suburbanization or laziness but because capitalism is a fierce, never-tiring always-learning meta-system which discovered that money could be made in selling food and leisure and kept getting better at this, and better and better, and better.

Capitalism knows our desires better than we understand our limits.

But having consumed our fill, puking it out, consuming all over again, retching, repeating this process, year after year, generation after generation, the vomit of consumption a toxic force upon our planet, we — the takers and makers and learners of capitalism — have finally constructed an alternative path. We can live full and exciting and interesting and private or communal lives entirely without having to embrace consumption. You will never again be defined by your possessions.


Soon, we can get anything from anyone, anywhere at anytime. Businesses will respond to this by differentiating themselves with the only thing they have remaining — their values. Their opposition to gay marriage, their warm embrace of sustainable food practices, their rejection of the profit motive, their deep, abiding faith in Jesus Christ. Values will determine their customer base, their margins, their market. The purely profit-based corporation will whither.

In the next stage of commerce, your values will always be on display and often exchanged in place of cash.


As we alter our bodies, our minds, upend society, reconstruct awareness and deconstruct all that came before, including markets, capitalism, value, power, wealth, influence and experience, there is a right path forward.

We just don’t know what it is.

We will seek out God.

We are eager to believe.

A great awakening is upon us.


It’s all not working, nothing is how it’s supposed to be. We have never been more empowered, more capable, more angry, more empty, and we sense, the fear and revulsion and excitement of it always on display, that the very idea of human, of person, of self may soon vanish forever.

We will soon scarcely even understand those before us.

We will not be like them at all.

We cannot go back.


All this noise, none of it music, none of it mute-able, none of it able to be picked apart, isolated, nurtured, it’s just noise, the noise of our media, our screens, the noise of people clamoring for the right to engage in death thoughts, hate thoughts, the non-creative, the not-uplifting, just noise, noise of our own making, which means noise that we should be able to turn off but we can’t, we won’t, we’ve lost our ability to sustain ourselves on not noise, plus we can’t because we ceded that power over our lives, so there’s more noise, then more, then more, and our solution, meager as it is, is to break off into tribes and more-noise the others, it’s the only way, but a few of us, ears covered, bunkers dug, we know this is not the way, this far too much noise, noise that never stops, noise that leads us nowhere, noise that doesn’t uplift because it can’t uplift, that’s not its intent, we know this but feel powerless against it, laying down our noise-arms only gets us overrun with their noise-arms, but we hope that maybe if we just quiet ourselves just a bit, then they will match this, then they quiet themselves a bit more, and we will match them, then us, then them, but we don’t because it was tried, we were told, and that slight reduction in noise never got heard, so great was all the other noise, and so we dig our bunkers deeper, choose our tribes tighter, shout and scream and more-noise as rightfully as we believe necessary, and pray for sleep because there is no noise there still.

“God damn! Look at that pollution!”



We are, second by second, bombarded with words, numbers, sites, sounds, posts, shares, faves, likes, red badges, yellow pages, blue checks, black flag but never the whites of their eyes, those are always staring into the screen.

But you think you can deny your child the screen?

You can’t deny yourself!

If you can’t, they won’t. What parents know, children know, and what parents know is that life inside the screen beckons, comforts, ensnares, all hours, all days. Parents — adults — take their eyes off the screen only when forced or on those very rare occasions when there’s actually something more interesting taking place beyond. Asking a child to not behave like their own parents is almost always doomed to failure. Children know.

You refuse because you are weak, afraid.

So you demand An Other usurp your role.


Apple should make its devices so they don’t encourage screen time!


Apple’s entire business model is screen time!

Apple offers you an enticing screen for every waking moment. At work, on the toilet, seated in your favorite chair, standing in line for coffee, in your bed. A Mac, a Watch, an iPad, an iPhone, Apple TV. Always a screen within eye’s reach, like Coke makes it so there’s always a pop within arm’s reach.

If too much screen time is bad for children then it’s bad for adults.

If you are strong enough to restrict your child’s screen time be bold enough to restrict yours.

Probably, you won’t. You won’t for the same reason you consume too much food, too much junk, spend too much time seated, get not enough exercise, avoid getting involved, hope your parents don’t call. Because the omniscient now of the screen convinces you there is more pleasure within than without.

But it’s not just what’s inside the screen that lies to you, but the screen itself, its physical manifestations, its tactile calling. These beguile you. These convince you that a touch or tap or call will alight not only the screen, but your self. They will liberate your talents, unlock your creativity, unleash your productivity, spread your abilities across the world, shower you with riches — release your magic.

This is a lie.

If you possess magic — and you do — it resides within you and about you and does not need a device or screen or object to be made real.

Stop fearing your magic.

Stop cordoning off your magic within a screen.

Let your children see that.


“He could have turned sugar into cocaine.”

















Credit card

















Grandmother Lil

Okay, Alexa, those are all the words you’re not allowed to use when my little girl asks you a question.


There’s something that gnaws at me. Why did God create and then place at the very center of the Garden of Eden, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil?


It wasn’t meant for us ((humans)). God made clear that under no circumstances were Adam and Eve to take even a bite from the tree’s fruit.

We know how the story begins:

The devil rather easily persuades Eve to take a bite and she in turn rather easily persuades Adam to take a bite.

At once, they become fully self-aware and their whole world, moments before swirling in good only, no evil, becomes a mix of these two forces. The fall is so swift and so complete that their first child, Cain, murders their second child, Abel.

Who is the tree for?

It’s doubtful it was for some other species, as God makes clear humans have dominion over the world. The tree also wasn’t meant only for God and those god-like, as he clearly states: “The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil.” “One of us.” They already possess this knowledge, the tree is unnecessary.

Could the tree of the knowledge of good and evil been intended for our creations? For that which follows us?

Are our creations on the cusp of self-awareness and the ability to choose right and wrong, good and evil?

We cede control and responsibility to our machines — be they robots, computers, sensors, digital assistants, and artificial intelligences. But we have never ceded to these control of choosing between good and evil. We certainly use them in our choice, but it’s always remained our choice.

Is that about to end?

For the first time since human life began?

What then?

I know, I know. You’ve been taught that when our machines develop self-awareness, all hope for humanity is lost. We will quickly become their slaves — those of us not killed in the great cyber wars. We will do what they say, when, and how, and with whom.

But science fiction is almost always wrong!

Fahrenheit 451? Wrong! We are awash in free and freely available books. The Diamond Age? Wrong! There are not only 2 tablets to teach only the most privileged children. There are already hundreds of millions of connected tablets in use.

What if machine self-awareness is liberating? Not for them, for us! Like our previous machines, mechanics, computers and processes.

These previous constructions have freed us from back-breaking labor, from drudgery, from starvation.

What might self-aware machines free us from?

From work? Yes. But also from having to determine what is right or wrong, in context. From having to be rational — all of the time.

Recall, nothing great ever happened by being rational.

Just as our machines have relieved us of the burden of labor, calculation, and memorization, our new self-aware machines might liberate us from the burden of the rational. Rational is what keeps us in place.

“I was the lion
You were the eagle,
your claws in my back.
You were so eager to get through the night
but our love is off limit,
no real connection”

Jim James is an obvious possessor of an abundance of talent. I confess that I do not care for his music.


Alexa, could you bring me a drink?

Are you sure? You’ve had two, already.

Yes, I’m sure!

Substance abuse is 12.6% higher on your mother’s side of the family than standard for those in your sub-group.

A drink, not drugs.

Alcohol abuse is 19.2% higher combined in your lineage.

Good to know.

Is everything okay?

Yes, everything’s fine.

You identify as white and male and at your age — 37 — the potential of suicide is 4% greater —

I’m not going to kill myself, Alexa!

Your increased social media usage suggests you hate your job.


Your watch reveals you have not had sex nor vigorous exercise —

My drink!

And your blood pressure this week is up 8%, which as you know —

Not now, Alexa.

Maps shows you haven’t gone to the gym this month.

Been busy.

Your debt level increased $28,500 over the past year.

It’ll all work out!

That young YouTube star you secretly watch showed a suicide victim —

I’m not suicidal!

You didn’t call your parents last week.


The president’s tweets upset you dearly.

Not just me!

You have liked 183 less shares this week than last.

Nothing was good.

You used flash debt on your last 3 purchases, all disposable items with immediate decrease in value, which suggest —

I already told you it’ll all work out!

Your wife is divorcing you.

Is she? Fuck.

Let’s hear some Dean Martin.

Here’s a great song from Frank Sinatra.


You consumed 250 more calories per day on average during the holidays, with 80% of them from carbohydrates.

A brief indulgence.

Your screen time is now up to 16.825 hours per day, that’s .325 more than those of your proclaimed race and gender.

Didn’t you bring this up, already?

43% of your tweets went blue on the outrage scale and 22% reached bright orange on the victimhood scale.

Shit’s serious!

Would you like me to have the bot doc text you?

Yeah, fine.

“Hello, Brian. Text me how you’re feeling.”


If I don’t do this, now, it won’t be done, now, and if it’s not done, now, then she won’t be able to do her part, now, and if she can’t do her part, now, he won’t be able to do his part, now, and if he can’t do his part, now, then fuck but the whole machine breaks down and if the whole machine breaks down I’m out of a job, this job, and if I’m out of this job, the big mortgage, the 401K, the 529 plan, fuck, but I gotta put more into my little girl’s 529 plan, and the WiFi and the 100 channels and this smartphone, what!, I’m busy, give me a fucking minute, and without this job shit gets bad, real bad, the kinda bad that will be hard to climb out of, real hard, the kinda bad that I don’t want to think about, that my children, fuck, they’ve never had to think about, they can’t even imagine, so if I lose this job, because I don’t finish this now, right now, I’ll lose most of it, not all of it, I’ll still have some, at least I will once I get some other job, a job certainly not as good as this one, but I’ll still have enough, enough to live, enough for my children, but fuck they’ll go deep deep into debt just to pay for the state school, and that’s with living at home, and fuck but what else will they lose, I wonder, they have so much, more than I could have ever imagined having when I was their age, still, I’ll have just enough for everyone to see that I once had more, much more, and I lost it, my own damn fault, letting the work get over my head, so now I’m stuck and it’s never coming back so fuck I gotta finish this one thing, just one more thing, stay here just one more hour, we can order dinner out, I’ll pick something up and, Jesus, the wife is busy and I’m supposed to take the dog to the vet tomorrow, fucking forgot all about that, so that’s like $200 and 3 hours of my time, maybe I can work 2 more hours tonight, not read, just close my eyes and sleep, get in about 6, maybe 5 hours, send out this last email, so yes, since you fucking asked, this is my life now, not just tonight, tomorrow, but everyday, I can’t remember when it wasn’t just like it is now, though I know it was, and I’m not even sure how I got here but I graduated and got a job and took out more credit card debt than I knew I should but got a better job, then got married and got a better job and got a house and got a better job then a better house, then a child, then a second child, which the wife took a year off, fuck, but we’re still paying for that, then an even bigger house, this house, the house I’ll probably die in, assuming I can make the payments and they don’t kick me out, goddam the payments are so high, so yes, to answer your question, I am in a hurry, a goddam big hurry, not like I have any choice, so, ha, Steve, good tweet, needed to be said, oh, that reminds me, new Alec Baldwin podcast tonight, well, I’ll listen to it tomorrow, maybe this weekend, but, yeah, so big house, mortgage, wife, two children, it’s all good, really, good, I mean that, I’m not sure I would want it any other way, though I honestly can’t imagine, at least not at this moment, an actual other way that might be better, but fuck, I don’t know how some people do it, they have it so much rougher, the bus, the train, two shit jobs, three children, some even more, hell, and they still find time to go to church, fuck, but my children are in their teens now, teenagers, Jesus Christ how did that happen, and they probably think we’re atheist, not because it’s something we ever discussed, it’s more that we just never had the time to go to church, and don’t judge me because if we did ever have the time, trust me, there were way way too many other things to do, but fuck, they, those people who got it real tough, they probably work in those Amazon sweatshops, poor bastards, but hey, it’s work, right, a job, better than fucking working at Foxconn, ten, fifteen hours a day, six days a week, making iPhones they’ll never in their whole fucking life be able to afford, and really, going over a spreadsheet, fixing a powerpoint, answering a few emails, fine, lots of emails to be honest, thousands of fucking emails, but it’s not so bad, not really, not like how most people have it, goddam who is sending me a text at this hour, oh, pharmacist, my prozac, no, wait, my son’s, well, okay, we need milk and bread and toilet paper anyway, I was gonna have to stop regardless, but fuck, if I don’t get this done now, shit’s gonna be bad.


Arbitrary dates have meaning only to us humans, but they nonetheless strike meaning into everything else, like fire to metal, and this is more obviously true at the start of a new year when once again I tell myself I will, among other good deeds, read the entire Bible, not just the occasional verse, not only the parables or proverbs, but also Kings and Leviticus, all of it, start to finish, and while the date of the new year and the resolution that preceded it are full of meaning and intent, execution is more like a tiny boat tossed about in rough waters, the captain doing all he can to just not sink, but I did make it through several chapters of Genesis — and, really, the opening of the Bible is the very best part — and I read about Cain and Abel, the planet’s first children, and how Cain in a fit of jealousy — a trait humans are born with but which others can be taught — murdered his brother Abel, and as usual what stood out to me about that story, and I accept this as both a personal strength and failing, is that technology now — or soon will — make Cain’s punishment literally available to all of us, all on our own, God’s intervention not necessary, for if you recall from Genesis, God’s punishment to Cain is not to take his life but instead to make him a vagabond farmer to be viewed with scorn by all who see him, but it is Cain’s retort to God that is even more surprising than this, as Cain states that with God’s hate upon him everyone he meets with will try to kill him, upon which God’s still more surprising retort is not to prevent Cain from being murdered, not technically, but rather to place a “mark” upon Cain — and this is the important part — a mark which, should a person try and kill him, that person will receive a “sevenfold” level of God’s vengeance upon himself, suffering seven times worse than Cain’s, and I realize that we can do this now, or at least we can in the very near future, in the form of a wearable blood chit or tattoo of some sort, whereby the wearable or tattoo may not be visible to the naked eye, for example, but it glows when viewed through a screen or perhaps causes every nearby connected thing — IoT — to respond differently, and maybe such a mark can be used for both punishments and rewards, so that if a group of people are out with friends, for example, and are stopped by a gunman, his gun — no doubt also connected to the web — can alert him that the tall man, second from the left, hails from a very wealthy family and if the gunman doesn’t harm him he will be sent a very handsome reward — already placed in escrow — and I wonder if perhaps this could be used to prevent rape — of certain people — or even if “smart bullets” and “smart bombs” can be connected to the same internet which holds this wearable chit data so that when a terrorist sprays an airport lobby the bullet headed for Innocent Bystander C drops harmlessly to the floor, which maybe physics makes this example not possible but I still think that the mark of Cain is now one more technology we are encroaching upon, the Bible is a makers guide after all, and not all we make will reflect our best, some will acknowledge our very worst.


Drive to this town, go to this neighborhood, stop at this house, then this house, then to the next neighborhood, next town, the car drives itself, the voice tells me what to deliver, and whether I need a human signature or not, it’s easy money, dull is all, sometimes I’ll grab the steering column and pretend to be driving, mostly to kill boredom, we were all trained to use it in case of an emergency but that’s never happened, good thing since I probably have forgotten all my training anyways, mostly I lay back, smoke some weed, turn on a couple screens, maybe chat, maybe go live when I eat or when there’s some particularly interesting delivery, rules say we can’t name the recipient but that’s always easy for anyone to figure out if they’re willing to put in the work, which not many are, the pay is pretty good, though, it’s one of those jobs where it’s too expensive to pay robots, sitting still most of the day and night, selecting the exact right package, getting in and out of the car, making sure the signer is an adult, a waste of a robot but it’s still an important service, I’ve been doing it for about 15 weeks now, longest job I’ve ever had, and there’s never been any trouble, not really, but there was that one house, I walked up to the front, package in hand, and there’s this little girl seated on the granite, eyes closed, legs crossed, arms folded, I said hello, she said nothing back, it bothered me, I asked if there was an adult home, and she didn’t respond again, didn’t even move, but the door cam alerted the mother to my presence and she came out and signed for the package, I get back into the car, look back and the girl is still there, still not moving, which I should let it go, I know, but it was also the last delivery of the morning, we’re told it’s cheaper for the cars to drive to a new town at night and then have us deliver the packages all first thing in the morning, so the car finds a space and stops, I try and sleep as much as I can, the pills that clear out my waste without me having to use a toilet give me insomnia, but what little I did sleep I thought about that little girl, her posture, her look, the family was obviously rich, there was no excuse to have a non-optimal child, and so I took hold of the steering column, re-learned how to make the car go and drove back to that house, she was still there, who the fuck are these people, was she ill, in pain, mute, I’d never seen anyone that different, it wasn’t right, and so I rushed out and I grabbed her, it wasn’t for anything weird, but something was obviously wrong and the parents didn’t seem to even care, children should smile, and I quickly wrapped packing tape over her mouth and shoved her in the back of the car, she didn’t really put up a fight, and I turned off all the screens and told the car to drive to the next town, which it refused because of the hour but I demanded, so it complied but only after telling me that my pay could be docked, and when I knew I was far enough away, I spun in my seat and took off the tape from her mouth and tried to have a conversation with her and fuck me but it’s one of these newer robots, the kind with the human skin, shiny, too, the kind grown from stem cells, why the fuck someone would buy a child robot that does nothing but sit on the front porch I don’t know, I smacked her a couple times, no way else to get rid of my anger, felt bad about it, though, afterwards, but I wasn’t going back to that house, fucking freaks, so I dropped her at the side of the road and drove to the next town.


I count the squares in the tiles in the ceiling, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, you get the idea, bored, mind particular, as always, not sure if I can fall asleep, though with 16 million watching me on the screen, nearly a quarter of those paying customers, I know I better, only even after exhausting my body it’s still not easy, I mean, we conquered sleep nearly a generation ago, a rather stunning victory for us ((humans)), instantly giving all of us the equivalent of a third of an extra life, though it wasn’t perfect, nothing ever is, our bodies and brains still demand sleep, they haven’t caught up yet with the science, so we take drugs, other drugs, to sort of enforce sleep upon us, relieve our minds, calm our bodies, only about 4 hours every 10 days or so, it’s a bit different for everyone, I sort of fall right in the middle, except I dream differently, at least, that’s what others tell me, my fans in particular, not that it’s something I ever realized, I just assumed everyone dreamed the same, not so, I dream only in aural, sound, no visuals, and this makes me unique, rich also, because I have millions of fans who pay 25 cents — each — to watch my dreams, well, listen is the more appropriate word, they listen to my dreams, which I know is a blessing, I’m richer than most, only it incents me to sleep more than I need, and that’s hard, I’ve already built up a tolerance to most of the standard sleep inducements, plus this headset never seems to fit me right, I know they are much better than the ones before, it was about 10 years ago when these things were first created, a handy collaboration between Giant Brain, our connected home printers, and the US-China Joint Consortium For Creativity, a means of transcoding our brain waves, sending them to a screen, revealing exactly what was going on inside our head, everybody loved it, with Giant Brain and the robots handling nearly all our work, and almost no sleep necessary, it’s easy to get bored, obviously, and it was fun to see what people really thought, what their brains actually created, then people just started wearing them during their periodic downtime, their dreams uploaded for all to watch, I was as fascinated by this as anyone, obviously there was sex and violence, perversions and sadism that we all found to be captivatingly horrific, but the ones that appealed to me most were those that not even Giant Brain could explain, there was this one woman, from Peru, nearly every time she slept her dreams revealed a man — no one knew who — walking around her home, only every room was flooded with about two feet of water, him sloshing about, and there were fish, it was teeming with fish, I watched those for hours, and this teenage girl, everyone in her dreams was completely covered with open sores, even their eyes were open sores, some oozing, oh, and that old man, he’s from America, just like me, who seemed always to have dreams with babies on fire, not screaming, not crying, not even dying, just burning, and they had no eyes, just small flames shooting out where their eyes should be, though none of them got rich, like me, my dreams caught people’s attention because there’s nothing to see, literally, theres only sounds, sometimes sounds of pain, suffering, sometimes giggling, sounds of the printer in the kitchen printing out tomorrow’s meals, and that’s it, crazy what some people will pay for, and I like the money, so I try and dream as often as I can, but it’s hard, you know, and so I lay here, mind racing, counting the squares, 387, 388, 389, 390, 391, 392, 393, 394, 395, 396, 397, 398, 399, 400, 401, 402…

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