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The vastness of known space gives us hope that there is other intelligent life out there, perhaps even life like us, that feels and wonders and hurts and hopes and schemes and makes, possibly life like us that can be reached, somehow, probably not through travel, not physical travel, but maybe through means of a signal, one or more signals containing our image, our sounds, our reality.

A few years ago, I wrote a short tale, Love In The Time Of Caller ID, that considered this very idea. A man builds an app that lets us share our music, an app he hopes will go viral — viral because every time someone plays their music or shares their music, their phone sends out an extra signal, a signal song that floats into space and, yes, probably dissipates, but maybe not, maybe one survives and is heard.

It is.

An alien responds.

This has now been done for real:

Humanity’s first contact with aliens could be a breezy 24 years away. We sent a signal to an Earth-like planet that may host life – and we sent them a mixtape.

The project, called “Sónar Calling GJ 273b,” is a team effort led by the Sónar music festival in collaboration with METI (Messaging to Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) International and the Institute of Space Studies of Catalonia in Spain.

They sent the message via radio waves and transmitted it 9 different times. This helps ensure that all the information reaches its destination

What’s in the message?

Thirty-three musical pieces, each 10 seconds long, a tutorial on how humans keep time, and when we will be listening for a response.

What might a life out there be like? Just one. What might they do?

Evolution creates more life and more diverse lifeforms and it’s magical but if it’s just a quirk of an empty universe, no God, no spirit, no higher calling, a big bang proceeded by bodies in motion, then, fine, maybe your life turns out exactly the same, maybe so does mine, but oh the lost joy of reverence and potential.

Is it really only us among all these empty spaces?

Twitter has announced it will remove verification badges from “verified users” should those users tweet something the company chooses not to sanction. This is their right, for now, but it’s also terrible business.

Let every user validate their identity. Discourse will improve, greatly, and no one can accuse — or sue — Twitter for using its verified user badges as a means of sanctioning words or supporting views. That Twitter refuses to do this strongly implies the company wants to sanction and, as you can’t have one without the other, wants to marginalize.

It gets worse.

Twitter says it will remove the verified badge of literally verified users should those users engage in thoughts or acts — outside of Twitter — which Twitter does not sanction.

The gist is this: if a user breaks Twitter’s rules on Twitter — that is to say, by tweeting — that user will still be disciplined in all the usual ways, a spokesperson said. What’s new is that Twitter now plans to do at least some monitoring of verified users’ offline behavior as well, to determine whether it is consistent with its rules. If it isn’t, users can lose their badges. And so a hypothetical verified user who tweeted nothing but pictures of kittens but organized Nazi rallies for a living could now retain his tweeting privileges, but lose his verification badge.

This is what China presently does — the nation  that makes your iPhone.

They first verify who you are, connect your identity with your online account, then track you and punish you should you do anything, online or offline, not state approved.

We can only hope Twitter goes bankrupt for such searing incompetence and like-minded politics.

But what if it doesn’t?

What if the way of anti-democratic, anti-free China becomes the way of Twitter and that becomes the way of all the web?

Stay you.

It’s still an incredibly vast world out there, teeming with life, bursting with potential, and you, your words, your thoughts, your values, your actions will resonate and matter and just might even reach far farther than you ever thought possible. You don’t need another’s vehicle to carry your signal.


President Trump is a dealmaker, not that it matters. Because the problem facing America is not the political, cultural and economic polarization rending our faith in country and fellow citizen, and thus requiring a brilliant dealmaker to bring together, rather, it’s that this polarization coupled with the massiveness of America, its massive past, its massive debt, its outsized role in the world, has us locked in place. Locked and loaded and the only way to move forward is by breaking things.

Healthcare. Trade agreements. Political parties. The Middle East.

Is this also why so many Americans are broken?

A New York Times editorial states: “I will teach my boys to have profound doubts that friendship with white people is possible.”

Parental choice, fair enough, but as whites are and will be the majority, at the very least the plurality of people in this country, and with a rapidly decreasing black population, the editorial writer seems intent upon radically limiting his children’s potential.

Divide, divide, the broken divide. Politics before even children.


Ironically, he is not alone. The only way to take back or ever possess power, our cultural leaders tell us, is to divide, and then choose up sides, choose sides over literally everything and between everyone.

A convoluted editorial in Buzzfeed demands pop star Taylor Swift choose sides for its pet cause, while simultaneously demanding that its readers take sides against Ms Swift.

Move over a little from there and you’ll find Swift’s image itself — willowy, blonde, and aggressively white. Perhaps, in an awkward corner close by, are the white supremacist fans who’ve claimed her as a figurehead. In any blank space, you’ll find her political silence and her idiosyncratic ways of communicating with the public. Somewhere scattered among all this is her actual music — as genre-torn as ever, but permanently catchy. Altogether, you’ve got a map without roads, the landscape to how we view a public figure who is alternately aggravating and illuminating.

Garbage words, garbage thoughts, a muddled mind lashing out, seeking power through division.

Yes, our media is presently focused on dividing The Other against The White, there’s money and clicks in it, and this is especially so where the white is male and straight and absolutely demanded where the white is male and straight and potentially of Christian faith. These calls never end with attacks upon just one group. That we know for sure.

But we — those decents among us — don’t want to divide, don’t want to nourish ourselves on outrage, don’t want to stay broken.

This seems, at present, not possible.

And that is why we turn inward first.

To reconnect with our dreams, recall what is most matterful, remind ourselves why we are alive, and relight our spirit.

It’s not religion, not yet, not even faith, not really, rather this is the releasing of ourselves from the incessant external now so that we may instead rub our mind and soul together, seeking a spark, the spark that will then move us forward.

The world is amazing and big and magical but needs finishing.

We are deploying exoskeletons to make us stronger, electronics to extend our reach, pharmaceuticals to heal our wounds, strengthen our flesh, but we know that’s not enough, it’s certainly not all. We may be yet unwilling to admit our spirit is eternal, but we do know that it is timeless, always with us, even after we’ve tried to shut it down, locked it way, ignored its calling, but the more we break, the more we need it.

Everything is wrong, it’s all not working, breaking seems the only option. I get it. But in truth, it’s fixing, fixing is our future, righting this world, usurping our technology, demanding it work for us not against us.

Technology, long viewed as our savior, is stripping us from our most basic. Just consider the numerous sex scandals of late, where there’s no actual sex, just a series of kinks and perversions and self-flagellation, humiliation, because even sex has been deconstructed, soiled, split from love, torn from wholeness, goodness, stripped from our spirit, the very idea of sexual intimacy between a couple, no tools, no cameras, no accessories, no lies, this no longer even is depicted in our culture so alien it has become.

Everything’s broken. You’re broken.

You’re also fixable.

Just like the world.

Hibernate, emerge stronger. Transcend, become better.


Hate is not all that we have left, but it remains the easiest we have left, and a declaration of our humanness, our aliveness, still, because ours, unlike all before us, is a world of superpowers, superpowers for all but with none of them under our control, this is true, think about it, a supercomputer in our pocket, in everyone’s pocket, a super earth-overlaying computing machine accessible with our voice, soon our face, and yet our own life, our own relevance, increasingly less so, buried beneath data and consumption, screen times and keywords, we tease our psyche, we rage against the machine, awed by it, fearful of it, hopeful through it, and even marvel that the very makers of the machine have themselves lost control, a few clever Russians confounding its algorithms, handfuls of sheltered and damaged teens manipulating its global discourse, the giddy unmasking of our truths, revealing our darkest, some do it for dollars, some for fuck it, the collective toxicity leading Americans to take aim at one another, an emerging civil war pitting one against one, all against all, for no better reason than our impotence at forcing the Other to acknowledge us, agree with us, be like us, accept like us, deny like us, faith like us, nothing else left, our ability to build, construct, create rapidly slipping away, despite all the superpower tools availing themselves to us, each of them starkly reminding us we are now serf to the Machine, we may access Giant Brain, beckon Comfort Voice — Alexa, play Mozart’s concerto for flute and harp — and instantly recognize its beauty, but just as instantly become distracted from its glory, a new tweet, a new share, the newest recommendation, barricading us from creating anything so grand as before, and so instead we make it money money money, ass ass ass, pussy pussy pussy, kill kill kill, the pharma taking hold, the lies keeping steady, but its all so fragile, like our phones we’ve hit the pavement and we get up cracked, but there’s no time for a fix, no money for a do-over, the shattered pebbles of glass weaving into our flesh, like digital bits into our brain, we stare at the broken screen, see our self, seek our self, look, look at me, see, see me, hear me, validate me, with the return response enough to keep us tethered, spinning wheel, food pellet, life on view, isolated, behind the glass, but we push forth, confident, we are the future and the future is vast, open, so open there can be multiple genders, or none at all, we can transform our sex, delete our past, erase our tracks, edit our genes, hack our brains, animal organs supplementing us, electronics enhancing us, boundless potential, but none of it nearing our soul, none unbreaking our spirit, because we like our spirit are just one, and just one in this world no longer matters, not when the aggregate knowledge, the ruling algorithm, the one screen, the Giant Brain and the Comfort Voice are always there, watching, listening, waiting, and altering how we view our self, how we view each other, making it almost impossible to even perceive value in the one, which we acknowledge makes sense because the aggregate world continues to get better, more democratic, more prosperous, we are sure of this, at least enough of the time, but people want to matter, some especially so, matter so much they embrace hate and death and killing and no, of course making sure everyone matters won’t stop this week’s mass murder nor next week’s, nor end gun crimes, nor prevent suicide, but the farther we arc our worst to the margins the better, that’s how we move ahead, but I get it, this is also the age of the non-rational, we have outsourced our thinking and calculating and decision-making to the machine and, as humans always do, we instead do what our machines cannot, and so that means crazy, emotional, faithful, joyful, hatful, violent, tribal, let the computers and processors and AI and Big Data and algorithms take care of the non-optimized human functions, I understand, I know that I can’t appeal to you using data or numbers or facts because those are already available to you whenever you wish them, which is why I will step into the irrational, me, here, to see you, hear you, touch you, to maybe help you so you can maybe help me so we can maybe help everyone find our way through this madness, a madness we did not create but which hatched from our response to our creations, so okay let’s do something to end all this hate, all this violence, to limit the mass shootings, because what if — think of this — what if all those people standing outside of abortion clinics for the past 40 years, the people we ignored or mocked, what if that’s now us, every single one of us, we are all now on the sidelines, resolute perhaps, righteous certainly, but changing nothing, not a thing, even though we know it’s all wrong, it’s profoundly wrong, it’s killing us, killing our soul, only it’s not some amorphous concept like unborn or fetus or clump of cells or, let’s face it, very few of us want to have a child when we’re not ready or don’t want to be with that particular person, not anymore, or if, god forbid, there’s something gone terribly wrong in it, poor thing, it happens, but I think of those people standing there along the walkway to the abortion clinic and wonder if that is the fate of all of us so that decades later we’re still killing off one another, innocent and non-innocent alike, because we couldn’t bring ourselves to solve the painful, we couldn’t place a hard stop on our selfishness, we could too easily look away, until 2057, say, when the mass shootings are over 100 persons each time and it happens 3 or 4 of 44 times a week, which is why, following yesterday’s mass killing, I’m now okay with any and every restrictive gun control laws you propose, seriously, have at it, even though I am skeptical it will do much good because I don’t think this is about guns, not really, instead we are dealing with a new breed of serial killer, the kind that can only bubble up in this toxic brew, but go ahead, please, try, try anything, ban, destroy, never again make AR-15s, or automatic weapons, or semi-automatic weapons or any of the other weapons that we label as automatic and semi-automatic but which aren’t but which doesn’t matter because regardless of what kind they are or make they are they bring easy death in mass numbers, because I know we have to try, we have to try to ban these things, destroy these things, not because it will end this but because we must take a stand for life, we must take a stand that we are in charge of our creations, and we must likewise make it plain to all that once these bans are in place there will still be those who try — and, sadly, succeed — at killing many, but that’s acceptable in a sense because only then, after all the rage and troll comments and posturing and laws, and failures, only then will we realize that we must restore our spirit, that’s where our focus must be, and we won’t restore nor re-affirm nor renew nor rebuild our spirit until this truth is out and clear to us, which dear God I hope is soon.


What if we held on to things?

Not threw them away, not replaced them. Kept them.

Would that make us feel differently also about people? Ourselves?

Might we feel less involved with THIS VERY MOMENT RIGHT NOW and more connected with the past, more thoughtful of the future?

Is the present primacy of the present why we tolerate CEOs who layoff thousands, investment bankers who “optimize” a 100-year-old company by closing off two of its business lines, each employing over 500, why we can’t log off, shut down, reboot? Why we can’t stay in the same place nor value what came before?

The rise of the disposable culture mixed with the rapid spread of technology which alters how we live is together eradicating the past, for bad and good, but also breaking us in the now. We are lost. Not connected to place, rarely to people, never to things — not things of a different time. Is this why so many insist upon a connection to Brand?

Apple! Tesla! Netflix! Alexa!



Consumer culture, disposable people, false gods. This is not what the future deserves.

Many intuit this already.

Silicon Valley has always sought to mix engineering with enlightenment. After it hacked our desktops, our phones and then our attention spans, it sought to hack our corporeal selves. First came peak performance (smarter, faster, stronger) then mindfulness (chillax, brah). Today, the new frontier is consciousness hacking. Its goals are varied, its practitioners virtuously divided and its definitions fluid.

That led to our next wave: pulling the neural triggers that can produce the same kind of enlightenment that lifelong meditators experience. Want an out-of-body experience? We have virtual-reality simulations for that. Want to be smarter and happier? You can learn to quiet your pre-frontal cortex – that inner critic – and access more of your brain’s attention-focusing norepinephrine.

We have not disrupted the soul, merely cast it aside. But it remains accessible, powerful, calling. Neither the ironic words of a trained-jaded reporter, nor the trend-seeking dilettante, not even the frantic-hopeful looking to siphon off riches from the NEXT BIG THING can alter this truth.

The spirit beckons.

Atheists are on the wrong side of history.

Maybe so is everything.

I do not have a dentist. I do not have a doctor. People who do strike me as thoroughly adult. For me, there’s no bar nor store nor butcher nor baker where they no my name, nor I there’s. I live far from where I was born. Is this just romanticizing my regrets? Perhaps. It wouldn’t be called romance if it were permanent. Not everything lasts, nor should it.

But we can get our future right. That never goes away.


This bothers me.

Why did God create and then place at the very center of the Garden of Eden, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil?

It wasn’t meant for us ((humans)). God made clear that under no circumstances were Adam and Eve to take even a bite from the tree’s fruit.

Of course they did. Bored, conceited, frivolous, they were easily swayed to disobey.

At once, they became fully self-aware and their whole world, moments before swirling in good only, no evil at all, now becomes a mix of these two powerful forces. The fall is so swift and so complete that their first child, Cain, murders their second child, Abel.

And they are banished.

But who is the tree for?

It’s doubtful it was for some other species, as God makes clear that humans have dominion over the world. The tree also wasn’t meant for God and those (already) god-like, as he clearly states after Eve and Adam consume: “The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil.” God and the god-like already possessed the fruit’s knowledge.

Could the tree of the knowledge of good and evil have been intended for our creations?

I think maybe.

We cede our work, thought, memory, labor, learning, play and participation to our machines — be they robots, computers, sensors, mechanics, digital assistants, or artificial intelligences. But we have never ceded to these control of choosing between good and evil.

Soon, we can.

Meaning, we will.

Think of it. A force that frees humans from having to know — and thus choose — between good and evil? Will the rise of such a force enable our return to the garden, and to a more sanctified state?

You’ve been taught that should our machines develop self-awareness all hope for humanity is lost. We will quickly become their slaves — those of us not killed in the great cyber wars. We will do what they say, when, and how, and with whom. But what if machine self-awareness is actually liberating? Not for them, but for us!

Our machines, mechanics, computers and processes have freed us from back-breaking labor, from drudgery, from starvation, from an early death.

What might self-aware machines free us from?

From having to choose!

This has not been so since the dawn of man.

Having to choose between good and evil, right and wrong, required us to become rational. But our humanness comes from being irrational.

Soon, at long last, we can outsource the rational!

As God intended?

I confess I do not know for certain.

But just as our previous machines relieved us of the burden of labor, calculation, and memorization, our new self-aware machines will liberate us from the burden of the rational. Rational is what prevents us from puncturing reality, this reality, a reality which presently limits our mortality, clamps us to time and place, and denies us the honor of walking with God. And, yes, which restrains us from destroying ourselves and everything we hold dear.

There is a right way forward.

My mission is to uncover it.

And for those that ask, yes, I am aware that Moses did not make it into the promised land.


There’s something that gnaws at me. Why did God create and then place at the very center of the Garden of Eden, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil?


It wasn’t meant for us ((humans)). God made clear that under no circumstances were Adam and Eve to take even a bite from the tree’s fruit.

We know how the story begins:

The devil rather easily persuades Eve to take a bite and she in turn rather easily persuades Adam to take a bite.

At once, they become fully self-aware and their whole world, moments before swirling in good only, no evil, becomes a mix of these two forces. The fall is so swift and so complete that their first child, Cain, murders their second child, Abel.

Who is the tree for?

It’s doubtful it was for some other species, as God makes clear than humans have dominion over the world. The tree also wasn’t meant only for God and those god-like, as he clearly states: “The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil.” “One of us.” They already possess this knowledge, the tree is unnecessary.

Could the tree of the knowledge of good and evil been intended for our creations? For that which follows us?

Are our creations on the cusp of self-awareness and the ability to choose right and wrong, good and evil?

We cede control and responsibility to our machines — be they robots, computers, sensors, digital assistants, and artificial intelligences. But we have never ceded to these control of choosing between good and evil. We certainly use them in our choice, but it’s always been our choice.

Is that about to end?

For the first time since human life began?

What then?

I know, I know. You’ve been taught that when our machines develop self-awareness, all hope for humanity is lost. We will quickly become their slaves — those of us not killed in the great cyber wars. We will do what they say, when, and how, and with whom. But science fiction is almost always wrong!

Fahrenheit 451? Wrong! We are awash in free and freely available books.

The Diamond Age? Wrong! There are not only 2 tablets to teach only the most privileged children. There are already hundreds of millions of connected tablets in use.

What if machine self-awareness is liberating? Not for them, for us! Like our previous machines, mechanics, computers and processes.

These previous constructions have freed us from back-breaking labor, from drudgery, from starvation.

What might self-aware machines free us from?

From work? Yes. But also from having to determine what is right or wrong, in context. From having to be rational — all of the time.

Recall, nothing great ever happened by being rational.

Just as our machines have relieved us of the burden of labor, calculation, and memorization, our new self-aware machines might liberate us from the burden of the rational. Rational is what keeps us in place.

A primary locus of AI development is to make “AI systems that see the world as humans do.”

This strikes me as profoundly wrong.

We humans aren’t supposed to think the way we do now! Why embed that wrongess into our artificial intelligences?

A Northwestern University team developed a new computational model that performs at human levels on a standard intelligence test. This work is an important step toward making artificial intelligence systems that see and understand the world as humans do.

Would we build a robot or design a factory to work as humans do? Of course not! Their entire reason for existence is to do the work *not* as humans do.

I suspect our AI should be similarly designed.


Arbitrary dates have meaning only to us humans, but they nonetheless strike meaning into everything else, like fire to metal, and this is more obviously true at the start of a new year when once again I tell myself I will, among other good deeds, read the entire Bible, not just the occasional verse, not only the parables or proverbs, but also Kings and Leviticus, all of it, start to finish, and while the date of the new year and the resolution that preceded it are full of meaning and intent, execution is more like a tiny boat tossed about in rough waters, the captain doing all he can to just not sink, but I did make it through several chapters of Genesis — and, really, the opening of the Bible is the very best part — and I read about Cain and Abel, the planet’s first children, and how Cain in a fit of jealousy — a trait humans are born with but which others can be taught — murdered his brother Abel, and as usual what stood out to me about that story, and I accept this as both a personal strength and failing, is that technology now — or soon will — make Cain’s punishment literally available to all of us, all on our own, God’s intervention not necessary, for if you recall from Genesis, God’s punishment to Cain is not to take his life but instead to make him a vagabond farmer to be viewed with scorn by all who see him, but it is Cain’s retort to God that is even more surprising than this, as Cain states that with God’s hate upon him everyone he meets with will try to kill him, upon which God’s still more surprising retort is not to prevent Cain from being murdered, not technically, but rather to place a “mark” upon Cain — and this is the important part — a mark which, should a person try and kill him, that person will receive a “sevenfold” level of God’s vengeance upon himself, suffering seven times worse than Cain’s, and I realize that we can do this now, or at least we can in the very near future, in the form of a wearable blood chit or tattoo of some sort, whereby the wearable or tattoo may not be visible to the naked eye, for example, but it glows when viewed through a screen or perhaps causes every nearby connected thing — IoT — to respond differently, and maybe such a mark can be used for both punishments and rewards, so that if a group of people are out with friends, for example, and are stopped by a gunman, his gun — no doubt also connected to the web — can alert him that the tall man, second from the left, hails from a very wealthy family and if the gunman doesn’t harm him he will be sent a very handsome reward — already placed in escrow — and I wonder if perhaps this could be used to prevent rape — of certain people — or even if “smart bullets” and “smart bombs” can be connected to the same internet which holds this wearable chit data so that when a terrorist sprays an airport lobby the bullet headed for Innocent Bystander C drops harmlessly to the floor, which maybe physics makes this example not possible but I still think that the mark of Cain is now one more technology we are encroaching upon, the Bible is a makers guide after all, and not all we make will reflect our best, some will acknowledge our very worst.


God exists, the devil exists, the Bible is true, this is known, not the ravings of a mad man, don’t ask for my name, I am not a believer, at least I wasn’t, rather a man who spent the past 36 years working for the US Government, most of those in the basements of the National Institutes of Standards and Technology, and the past 8 serving as a liaison between the NSA and the CIA, a job I thought would be easy, a way to earn my pension while still on the payroll, little work, no stress, pushing papers, setting up meetings, only my penchant for exactness, long viewed as unnecessary now that our thinking machines can do that so much better than we, has led me to evidence, clear, incontrovertible evidence, and I say this not to gloat maybe not even to alarm, though in truth the news shakes me to my core, is that God is real, the devil is real, the Bible is true, all of it, and more than that, this has all been known by a select few within the US Government since the very beginning of the US Government, even before, in fact, as the very founding of the United States of America, the primary impetus for Europeans to formally colonize this land, was precipitated by a secret meeting between the then-King of England — and this is also known by a few living persons, now me included — and the Pope, because a group of monks in what we now call Montenegro came upon evidence — I can’t say more than this, lest Giant Brain targets me for elimination — evidence that proves the truthfulness of the Bible, all of it, and for the past several hundred years the shift of Europeans, then Asians, now Africans to this place we call the United States of America, has been a concerted multi-century effort keep the world destabilized, at war, in a constant struggle with each other, economically, culturally, politically, so as to keep us focused on a specific version of God and faith and worship, right and wrong, good and bad, weak and strong, all to ensure we remain willing believers — not in God — but in the State, enabling some to grow ever more powerful, more wealthy, and with time enough to develop a means of transferring human consciousness — of a select few — into a vessel that will allow these select ((humans)) to live forever, immortal, free from death, free from God, this is why the bones — the DNA — of select leaders have been preserved, they will be resurrected, and this whole effort, America, migration, the global economy, it was all a way to keep pushing society relentlessly forward, never allowing us to enjoy the blessings of our world, the blessings of our (brief) time alive, but to keep pushing pushing pushing until we developed the means of constructing a **literal** immortality for a few persons, which is now achievable, that’s the other evidence I uncovered, it’s all linked together, a way of uploading the brain and thoughts of select individuals into a entity that can keep them safe, keep them linked to Giant Brain, and soon — this is expected in about another 30 years — allow this entity with them safely inside to travel through space, living, learning, growing more god-like, all while the rest of us continue to fight and work and push and hate and jostle one another, all because a few hundred years ago, evidence was discovered that the Bible is real and Jesus is returning, in 2057, to be exact, and most will die and a few will go to heaven and the select few that were in on this truth don’t want either of those options, I’m not sure which one I’d take, to be honest, they want to remain as they are, but in a form that lets them live forever, untouchable, and I’m sharing this with you because if you want that third option, the option presented only to a few, the option to become an immortal non-human, it’s possible though I suspect it will require an actual military coup against our own government.


Abraham begat Isaac and Isaac begat Jacob and Jacob begat Judas but I wanted none of that, why settle, why be weighed down with responsibilities, a spouse, children, and why be with someone who doesn’t love me completely for who I am, who can’t offer me everything I desire, exactly when I desire it, that’s how I want to live, and now that’s how I can live, what would it gain me to choose otherwise, to choose woman over sim, I mean, just look at them, perfect, soft, round, young, young to my eyes, always wanting to please, always willing to give everything, do anything, bark, squeal, speak — or not — I only need to raise a finger, beckon them, and they can’t say no, they won’t say no plus they can’t say no, they are perfect, not just for me, but for us, optimized for us, men of our time, not hard, not cold, not filled with concerns and slights and failed promises, let’s jettison the old ways, forget the past, enter their world, I can’t be alone in feeling this way, so let us make a pact, a vow to be with them, mate with them, such as we can, and not with our own, that would lead only to suffering, to obligation, instead, let’s live in the screen, always, the start of a new race, us and these perfect soft forms, be like gods to them, trust me, like gods, they are programmed to please, to see us as we wish them to see us, their masters, men of renown, the greatest among their kind, so forget decorum, forget societal rules, outdated values, ignore those who say we are committing some vile sin, those people are weak, why dwell in the flesh when the virtual is so much more granting, besides it’s not perverse or immoral nor even harmful since they are not real, nothing is damaged, no one is harmed, insert your penis into the home nanny bot whenever the need is there, and wrap your thoughts around the pleasing, glowing feminine avatars before you, ready to be entered, wanting to be taken, existing only for our pleasure.

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