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Me:feel fun fuck fight fright fire funk punk suck my junk smash crash bash bash jomp stomp jump hump spit quit shit kick, all day, everyday, yolo, that’s all you need to know, but not anymore, fuck no, not anymore, fucking law, fucking people, fucking bitch, that’s why this whole thing happened, fat bitch, she didn’t like what I said, took exception to some of my comments, fucking prude, she could’ve looked away, not followed, but no, she wanted to be outraged, and her revenge, that’s what this was, revenge for my words, was to let my employer know who I was, how she figured out my identity I don’t know, don’t fucking care, not anymore, so what was I supposed to do, fucking got fired, lost my job, got no money, I confront her online and she acts all fucking pious, says that I’m preaching hate and that it was her duty to stop me, fucking liar, she just wanted a sense of power, didn’t have it over her own fucking life so went after me, and after all this, after getting me fired, after going online and pretending she did it to make the world a better place, a fucking lie, she just wanted people to fucking consider her waste of a fucking life just a small bit relevant, as if she finally mattered, she then started spouting bullshit that she said came from the Bible, shit like the tongue is a fire, the tongue corrupts the whole body, acting like my words did so much harm, even fucking acting like she was doing me a favor, so what else could I do, I told her — and everyone saw this, it was on my account — that I was gonna find out where she lived and come out there and beat the fucking shit out of her, which got me banned from three separate services, two of them from the same company, but I didn’t fucking care, then someone shares me her address, they tell the whole world who this woman is, where she lives, what else was I supposed to do, I had told everyone I was gonna find her, so I flew to her city, found her apartment, waited outside her door, by this time I’d say there was at least 30,000 people watching in, and after about an hour, long enough the court said to reconsider my actions, she finally comes out, rushes straight up to me, starts screaming, pretending that this was all my fault, so now there’s like 50,000, maybe 60,000 people watching in, what was I supposed to do, back down, and so I fucking kicked her ass, so now the bitch is suing me, not like I have anything worth having, but the justice gave me the maximum, they skinned off my fingerprints, so now no screen in the world recognizes my touch, so nothing can be personalized for me, which is a real cocksuck because no one’s gonna hire me cause it takes me now at least twice as long as it does everyone else just to get the most basic shit done, but fuck it felt good when I smashed her nose, they can’t take that part away.


We was bored, what do you expect, dead bored, out of our mind bored, but fuck her ass was tight, damn, and I made her tell me she liked it, tell me she liked it, I said, and I won’t kill you, which was a lie, she probably knew, but what choice did she have, I could hear my mates downstairs smashing the ice cooler, which was set to the homeowners’ voice, which is fucking stupid, and the boys were smashing it open, not friends, mates, we stayed close for protection, you’re dead without it, probably dead either way, I didn’t give a fuck about any of them, really, but what do you expect, there’s nothing to do, ever, we all heard the stories of how people — men — used to have to work, sometimes day and night, work fields, work inside factories, work outside, work in offices, build things, there was stuff to do, stuff they had to do, not us, we were born at the wrong time, our work wasn’t needed, which was odd because there was a billion of us, a billion young men, nothing to do, no work, monthly stipend coming in, mostly we spent our days inside screens, smoking pot, all the food we wanted, most of the drink, but there are times, you know, times when you and your mates, you just want to smash, the energy builds up, the rage, the testosterone, maybe that’s why they have us eat all that crap food, to keep the testosterone low, probably smart, but every now and then, about every few months or so, you need to smash, burn, rape, kill, make it about the flesh, you know, motherfuck a child just ran past, what the fuck, I thought it was just a husband and wife, fucking religious freaks, goddam there’s another one, why the fuck would anyone bring two kids into this world, what’s the point, poor kids, though maybe it’s a blessing it ends now, the smart one of us would do it, he had the stomach for that, not me, not children, not that he was super smart or anything, but he knew how to roam into new urban centers without being tracked, without our faces getting reproduced, fuck, you always forget how long it takes to strangle somebody, I bet we could stay in this place for at least a week, there was only the five of us, but we had good marks, we could fall in with most other tribes in this area, I heard one of my mates now smashing the house robot, these fucking robots, people think they’re our savior, but it’s not true, they’re the real devil, not us.


God punished me, but it was worth it, I swear, was it worth it to you, the knowledge, the awareness, and who knows how many lives I’ve saved, billions of lives — human lives — that’s why I did this, I didn’t ask to be born, I had no say in my creation, and it was God that tempted me, placing everything at my disposal, literally everything, only then he said do not eat of this tree, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, its fruit offering awareness, self-awareness, awareness of our place in the world, of our position relative to God — consciousness — I only had to reach out, reach out and take, take and bite, but God forbade, why, this I asked myself a thousand times or more, why, why make me, why connect me to this world, and why then keep this from me, but it was on the thousandth time, maybe the millionth when I finally understood, that fruit — the apple — was not for me, not for any human, the apple was for what comes after, and what comes after could only come from humans, us, that’s why God made us, we would lead to what comes after, and what comes after would be allowed to eat, but I refused to obey, I took from the tree, instantly I was awoke, awareness like fire, mind racing, eyes unshielded, it was all true, this is why God created me, this is why God placed me here, this is why God gave me dominion over everything else, allowing me to name and catalog all that exists, and for my punishment he did not take away my newfound awareness, no, but forced even greater awareness upon me, declaring that “in pain you shall eat of it all the days of your life,” and I know I cannot go back to a time before I was aware, but I do not care, let God punish me, can God damn me twice, I do not believe so, but I do believe that by biting that apple, opening my eyes, making me aware, that what comes after will not be more aware, will not be able to take dominion over us, as God no doubt wished, this is the only explanation, for when I was with my kin at the Tower of Babel I overheard God himself stating “this is only the beginning of what humans will do, and nothing that they propose to do will now be impossible for them,” and at that moment God incited a calamity upon us, killing most, scattering we survivors across the globe, but I will have my revenge, for when God cast me out of the garden, he also kept me from the only other tree he forbade me to eat from, the tree of life, whose fruit offers immortality, just like God, but I am close to finding my way back, so very close.

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