Technology is bringing us closer to God just as science is bringing God closer to us.

Disbelief is no longer possible.

Atheism is dead.

Everything will be different.

All must be questioned. This universe, our past, your reality, everything.

The great non-truths will no longer suffice.

Humanity has begun to outsource the rational and this will alter our work, our schools, our communities, our flesh as profoundly, but far more rapidly, as did the outsourcing of our physical labors to machines.

Our very best science is unable to confirm the validity of our existence, the certainty of reality, the truth of our own memories, the proof of physical laws. Our newest technology is altering our brain, our body, our perception, from birth. There is nothing but God.

The past will soon be no longer readable just as our future becomes fully writable. There is no path but God.

We are, each of us, like Adam, like Eve, cast out from all we were connected with, victims of the sin of awareness.

We will thus turn forward to God, all of us, alone and in groups, communities and nation-states, for only through God will we discover truth, values, a pathway to level up.

The science is clear: reality does not exist.

Science can no longer vouch for our genesis, nor our consciousness, nothing, and its own math suggests none of this is real, everything is based upon perception, and anything can be in two places at once.

We don’t know who we are, nor where we came from, and there was no beginning for any of this—literally.

These truths lead us inexorably to God.

This insanely great awakening is not an opposition to our tools, but a surrender to them.

We have built these machines, computers, processors, bots, AIs, platforms, a very social media, a always-connected world–or allowed them to rise under, over and through us–and they reveal, in countless but constant ways, that we, humans, are profoundly different. We are not like the machines, the bots, the data, the intelligences, the algorithms, nor even the jumble of them. Everything we’ve built is alive, sensing, connected, like us, yes, but we are differently alive, and in that difference, which we will cultivate, will reveal that only we (humans) can believe, worship, hope, possess faith.

Faith in God.

Our new awareness also reveals that, barring literal global cataclysm–which some pine for, clearly, as they gleefully tell us of a coming climate apocalypse or nuclear holocaust–that humans are standing upon the precipice of a new out-of-Eden, unable to go back, soon even unable to fathom how any human could have lived without all the post-1980s conveniences, such is the power of our tools, making the past unknowable just as they enable the future to be fully writable.

Who are we to have such power?

We call out for God.

The pundits got the future wrong, entirely. It is not clean, nor simple, not rational nor physical, filled with flying cars and robot maids, luxury and adventure, but instead is messy, irrational, filled with awareness and doubt, wonder and experience, and our brains never ceasing, never pausing, unable to disconnect except for in our relationship with God, in the quiet of our self or in the community of fellow travelers, it is through God, we realize, that we can pause, reflect, gather, calm our anger, our crazy, our right-now, our never-stop, our chronic, bone-numbing depression, and off-load these to a higher power.

The future is religious, zealous, spiritual, a seeking of God.

We are alive at a time when everything is changing, questioning, unreal, uncertain, and God is truth.

All will believe.

And in this belief, this embrace of God, this knowing that nothing is real so nothing matters but there must be real, there must be what matters, we will call out God to guide us, choose us, bless us, help us, and this will alter culture, commerce and community more than the combination of Internet, steam engine, electricity and clean water.

The worship of God, gods, the Creator will spread through each of us and throughout the planet, deeply, because we are human, yes, but in full because we are humans that have built technologies upon which to carry out all the physical and the rational, leaving us with only the exploration of our soul and emotions.

The tech-fueled transformation of everything, including self, alive, consciousness, language, economy, spirituality, culture, work, play, and the notions of local, global, power, wealth, health, and -ism, all of them, will lead humanity to seek God, search for enlightenment, liberate the spirit, and live by a strict code, one also demanded of others. Atheists are on the wrong side of history.

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